What Are the Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online?

Women are looking for ways to receive the Abortion Pill (also known as a medical abortion) through online methods. There are several dangers associated with this that women should be aware of. It’s essential to:

  • Receive a physical and give a complete health history
  • Discuss questions and concerns
  • Know if you’re receiving trusted care and a quality prescription

Why Is a Physical and Complete Health History Important?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, preparing for medical abortion includes a physical exam, ultrasound, and blood and urine tests. Unfortunately, these are not tasks that can be completed online.

These exams and tests are vital before taking the Abortion Pill because some women won’t safely qualify due to certain dangers associated with this procedure. Medical abortion is not recommended for those who have the following conditions:

  • Have a pregnancy over 9 weeks
  • Have an ectopic pregnancy
  • Have clotting disorders or significant anemia
  • Have long-term adrenal failure
  • Use corticosteroids for extended periods
  • Have an IUD in place
  • Have allergies to the medications
  • Cannot follow up for care
  • Don’t have emergency care access

Seeing a provider to give a full health history, receive a complete physical, and have an ultrasound is the only safe way to know if a medical abortion is a good option for you.

Why Is It Important To Consider Where My Care and Script Come From?

Many women like to receive care and support from a physician or care center they believe in. Also, many prefer to know they’re receiving their script from a reputable pharmaceutical source. When obtaining the Abortion Pill through the mail, there are a couple of questions women may have, such as:

  • Can I depend on the physician or care center who provides the script?
  • Is the pharmacy a trustworthy source for this medication?

Instead, when seeking in-person care and obtaining medication through a local pharmacy, many women feel at peace knowing they can trust the healthcare they’re receiving.

Why Should I Discuss This Option?

Women who receive the Abortion Pill online usually do not receive full counseling. However, discussing this option with a trusted provider or care center is important to understand the risks and receive clarification to questions or concerns.

According to the Mayo Clinic, this process can be emotionally and psychologically draining. By empowering yourself with answers and discussing your options, you can feel better prepared and confident in your decision.

Who Should I Reach Out To?

It’s best to speak with someone who makes you feel assured and will provide you with reliable care. We recommend finding a provider or center that makes you feel welcome to discuss your concerns.

Your peace of mind and care are important to us. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you would like a free, confidential appointment. We provide options counseling, ultrasound, and medical-grade pregnancy tests free of charge.


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