Home Abortion (Plan C)

If you’re considering an at home abortion, thinking it would make it easier, safer and more discreet to order supplies online to end your pregnancy, here are a few things to consider: At Home Abortion Facts | You Have a … Continued

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What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is used to confirm a pregnancy, whether viable or non-viable. In fact, it’s the best way to confirm pregnancy. Positive urine pregnancy test? Doesn’t always mean you’re carrying a viable pregnancy. Pregnancies can be ectopic (outside of the uterus; … Continued

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Ultrasound Before Abortion?

Positive home pregnancy test? You may be thinking “I can’t take care of a baby.” “I’m too young.” “I’m too old.” “I don’t want a baby.” “I can’t afford a baby.” So you decide to call and make an appointment … Continued

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Am I Pregnant?

If you had a positive home pregnancy test or are experiencing common symptoms of pregnancy, you may be asking, “Am I pregnant?” Do any of these sound familiar? I’ve missed a period I feel like throwing up sometimes My breasts feel … Continued

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How to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

You took a home pregnancy test that came up positive or you’ve had a missed period and are scared you might be pregnant with the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your heart races, you feel sick to your stomach and you begin … Continued

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4 Things to do After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Did you have a positive pregnancy test? If you’ve found yourself in a “surprise” pregnancy situation, you’ve come to the right place. YLC is a small not for profit organization that’s committed to helping women in our area who are … Continued

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How Healthy Is My Relationship

Sometimes it’s hard to take an objective look at your relationship with your partner. We tend to compare our relationships – and our partners – with other people we know. Are we doing better or worse than those around us, … Continued

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Am I Pregnant? Take This Quiz

If you think you might be pregnant, or you’re not sure whether the symptoms you’re feeling are pregnancy-related, we can help. This quick online questionnaire will help you determine whether or not you’re experiencing the early signs of pregnancy. Question … Continued

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Is the Abortion Pill Right for Me?

Many women who come to our center have questions about the Abortion Pill. However, these women are often misinformed about how the Abortion Pill works and whether it’s their best option. Find out if the Abortion Pill is the right … Continued

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