What Are the Mental Health Effects from Abortion?

The mental health effects of abortion vary depending on each woman.

However, experts agree that at least some women experience significant mental health issues caused, triggered, aggravated, or complicated by their abortion experience.

Mental Health and Abortion

Even though women react differently, mental health is something every woman should consider before moving forward with an abortion procedure.

Since it’s a serious decision that changes the course of the future, it will have some emotional impact. Mayo Clinic mentions women are likely to experience a range of emotions, such as relief, loss, sadness, and guilt after abortion.

How Would I React After Abortion?

How would you react? You know yourself better than anyone else and can make the best possible guess. However, some characteristics to keep in mind could raise your risk of experiencing a significant mental health issue after abortion.

These characteristics include:

Having a History of Mental Health Issues

If you already have struggled with mental health issues in your life, this raises the risk of abortion triggering or aggravating these issues again.

Feeling Pressured

Feeling pressured into an abortion decision could increase your chances of a negative mental health issue. In this case, you might not feel this decision is entirely your own. Try to give yourself space to remove the feeling of pressure and think through how you feel.

If you feel coerced or forced to have an abortion by another individual, such as a partner, reach out to us for professional help and guidance. Forced abortion is a form of emotional abuse.

Possessing Maternal Desires

Suppressing or ignoring internal maternal desires and actually wanting to parent could also increase the likelihood of adverse mental health.

Having Conflicting Moral Beliefs

What are your personal beliefs about abortion? When having one doesn’t fit your worldview, it is difficult to reconcile your choice with your self-identity. Your decision can lead to negative emotions down the road.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

If you want to know how you’ll react, screen yourself with the characteristics above. Do you fall into any of those categories? Asking yourself challenging questions now can prepare you emotionally for the future and help you feel more confident.

Here to Support You

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