How to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

You took a home pregnancy test that came up positive or you’ve had a missed period and are scared you might be pregnant with the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Your heart races, you feel sick to your stomach and you begin to sweat.

“How will I ever tell my parents?” “My parents are going to kill me!” “They are going to be so angry with me!” These may be some of the thoughts running through your mind. It’s always easy to assume the worst in our heads. When you initially sit down to talk with them, they may show anger, be upset or disappointed. While this may be the case, your parents need to know. They may be more supportive than you can imagine.

Three things to consider:

  1. Talk with them soon. It may become more difficult the longer you wait. Their support, although initially may not be great, could help you as you make big life decisions. You don’t want them to hear that you’re pregnant second hand. You need to be the one to give them the news.
  2. How will you tell them? There’s several ways you could tell them. If you think a face to face encounter would be too difficult, you could write a letter or call them. Take a friend or two along with you for extra support when you tell them. If you’d like a safe, confidential place to speak with them, you can always come to a pregnancy care clinic like ours here at YLC. We have counselors here to assist with the conversation if needed. Whatever way you choose, you’ll want to take time to talk through options with them. Openly discuss feelings with them and communicate your love and sorrow for the pain it may cause them.
  3. This is your pregnancy. Whether or not you find support from your parents/family, it can be helpful to talk about options and resources with someone other than immediate family. Your Choices can provide free and confidential services to help you navigate through options along with community referrals for additional support. We can also provide a free ultrasound to medically confirm pregnancy. Of course, your parents, partner or friend can accommodate you as you may need someone to lean on through the process. Call us at 570-784-3143 to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. We will be glad to assist you in any way we are able. Our main center is in Bloomsburg with other locations in Benton and Berwick.