4 Things to do After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Did you have a positive pregnancy test? If you’ve found yourself in a “surprise” pregnancy situation, you’ve come to the right place. YLC is a small not for profit organization that’s committed to helping women in our area who are facing hardship in pregnancy/parenting along with difficult situations/questions. All services are free and confidential.

Here are 4 things to do after a positive pregnancy test:

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and using illicit drugs (including Marijuana), as each of these can cause harm to your unborn baby. If you are on any prescription medications, contact your Dr. ASAP to have them reviewed. There are a lot of “pregnancy safe” prescription drugs but some can cause harm during pregnancy. However, there are often alternative medications your Dr. can place you on that will be “pregnancy safe.”

Call to schedule a visit with an OB/GYN or midwife. Most first time appointments are scheduled around the 8 week mark, therefore it’s important to call ASAP as some Dr.’s offices fill up appointment slots quickly. Here’s a list of all the local OB/GYN providers: https://www.geisinger.org/patient-care/institutes/women-and-childrens/ob-gyn

  • To schedule an appointment at Geisinger in Bloomsburg, call (570) 387-2474
  • To schedule an appointment at Geisinger in Danville, call (570) 221-7415

Start taking a prenatal vitamin (PNV). PNV’s are important for your baby’s growth and development. We offer a free 2 week supply when you schedule an appointment for ultrasound. You can also obtain PNV’s through WIC. In order for you to obtain a WIC appointment, proof of pregnancy is needed. We are a medical facility with registered nurses who are able to provide this form to you at no cost with positive pregnancy test/ultrasound. Bloomsburg WIC office (570) 245-0090

Call YLC to set up a free, confidential appointment with one of our counselors. We’re here to discuss pregnancy options. We can also set you up for a free, limited ultrasound. YLC is committed to helping you navigate through your pregnancy in a loving, non-judgmental atmosphere. Call us today!  (570) 784-6124