She Needs You!

She needs your compassion, your counsel, and most of all, the Jesus who lives in you. She could be sitting in her classroom waiting to hear about being sex-free until marriage. She could be unexpectedly pregnant and your compassion would make all of the difference in the choice she makes. Or she could have already experienced the pain of abortion and needs to know His healing and restoration.

Your Loving Choices

…is a challenging ministry with beautiful rewards. As the body of Christ, our volunteers work together in the service of women in the midst of a profound crisis, women who often need nothing more than someone to talk to. There is an ongoing need for volunteers in a wide range of areas. Pleases consider if you would be willing to help us in one of the following capacities.

      • Prayer Partners
      • Peer Counselors
      • Financial Partners
      • Office Volunteers
      • Church Liaisons
      • Male Mentors
      • Cleaning / Maintenance / Handyman

Prayer Partners

Members of our prayer ministry receive updates to help them pray specifically for the ministry. Be available to call for immediate prayer needs, and be in prayer daily for the center and its clients.

Peer Counselors 

Volunteer counselors are trained extensively in-house and provide counseling and support services to clients and their families in unplanned pregnancy situations.

Financial Partners

Donors are needed to support the ministry on a regular basis Underwriters for Walk & Banquet are always needed. You can also support YLC by shopping at Amazon and Ebay.

Office Volunteers

These volunteers perform receptionist & secretarial functions. Other activities include coordination of infant/maternity clothing. Newsletter preparation for mailing.

Church Liaisons

These volunteers represent Your Loving Choices to their congregation and act as a liaison between the ministry and their church. They inform church members of upcoming events and make sure Your Loving Choice’s needs are communicated.

Male Mentors

Male volunteers counsel the boyfriends & husbands of our clients to support their partner and unborn child.

Clean and Maintain YLC / Handyman

Do routine cleaning of the center including vacuuming, dusting, and maintenance checks.
Handy men are always needed and have blessed YLC in innumerable ways over the years. Just let us know you are willing and as the need arises we will call you!

For more information, call us at (570) 784-6124  or e-mail us. Download a volunteer application below.


Please use this form to contact us to learn more or to meet our current needs.